‘Real Women’…sorry, could you define that a little clearer please?

‘Real Women’, I’m sure you’ve heard the term used countless times before in reference to women of size 12, 14 and above. The thing is, real women are those beautiful creatures that were born without the extra ‘limb’ men did when they were born. “So…I guess that makes women below size 12 Real Women too, right?” Errr YES!

It’s obvious that the term ‘Real Women’ was coined through the media. I love the way Bangs and A Bun describes it in her blog entry Can We Quit the Term ‘Real Women’ Already?: “the ‘real women’ movement is almost like a big middle finger to the fashion and beauty industry – ‘we’re here and you can ignore us no longer,’”  That is exactly how I would describe it. I will put my hands up and say Respect to these women! Because you have to admit, before that move, plus-sized women were unheard of in the fashion world, I think those two words were like saying ‘Voldermort’ to Harry Potter Fans.

There was a niche market and I’m glad that finally ‘Big can be Beautiful’. I’m a size 14! I’m proud of it and I love it, and so does my other-half so I’m not worried a single bit, hahaha. However, shopping for jeans is my idea of hell as my backside is not fit for jeans….they simply refuse to fit, which only ends in me giving up in a flustering, sweaty mess after trying on about 10 different pairs. Yes, a slight tone of envy to you slimmer gals out there! 😛

Back to the subject. I dislike the way the term ‘Real Women’ is only used towards the larger lady, when actually, women from all different shapes and sizes are REAL WOMEN. This meaning of this term is having the opposite effect to the other end of the scale sized women who are a healthy size 6 or 8. There are so many women out there that are fit, healthy and eat the same or even more than the rest of us, but simply stay at a size 6, 8 or 10 (take my sister for example, she’s a size 6 but eats three times as much as I do, and a load of junk added to that too…).

But there are also women who experience the horrible trauma of Anorexia. These women are the ones that are advertised constantly as Cat Walk Models and who, frankly, are the ones being downgraded as women simply because of their eating disorder. And yes, I am aware of the other stories about drug use etc, but that’s probably the minority (or not, I’m not the Oracle). This I believe has lead to the ‘Real Women Revolution’.

Just because their backsides are less than half the size of us 12 or 14 gals, doesn’t mean that they’re any ‘less-woman’! And just because other women have backsides that need a shoe spoon to get into jeans, doesn’t mean they’re any ‘more-woman’. You are beautiful no matter what size or shape.

I could go on and on about this subject and I know there’s so much I’d love to cover, but it’s late and my bed is calling me.

Now can we please, get over it already.

Spot the ‘Real Woman’…That’s right, they both are…


3 thoughts on “‘Real Women’…sorry, could you define that a little clearer please?

  1. I guess the few times when you wouldn’t meet a ‘Real’ woman…

    Is when you go to Thailand :3

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